Microsound International Ltd. and SuperConductor - A Revolution in Music

Lifelike classical computer music, beautify music from your PC

SuperConductor II™


"Now with 24 bit capability!"

Beginning a major revolution in music, SuperConductor, a breakthrough desktop program, organically alters the way every single notes is played in subtlest detail: provides them with individualized customized shapes, vibratos, durations and loudnesses, so as to give true life to the music, according to your concept, as a finest artist can.

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SuperConductor® does things that no other computer program has ever done. The music SuperConductor generates must be heard to be believed. The music it makes is so beautiful and so passionate people can't believe it wasn't played by living, breathing musicians.

This remarkable new technology will revolutionize music appreciation and music interpretation around the world. Previously, a person had to dedicate a decade of their life to studying an instrument before they could play it well enough to really express their understanding of the composer's music.

Featured CD


The 6 Brandenburg Concertos
Complete (2 CD set)

These beautiful and vital performances herald a major revolution in music. Totally convincingly human, they are interpreted, performed and recorded entirely with SuperConductor software on an ordinary PC. The stunning powers of SuperConductor and the interpretive musicianship of Manfred Clynes make it arguably into one of the most valid and moving performances ever recorded of the Brandenburg Concertos. 2 CD set.

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